Morphology.png The flesh is weak, and impermanent. But the Ego survives. In the days preceding The Fall, the digitization and uploading of the human consciousness became possible. During The Fall, it became a means of survival as millions of minds were uploaded in the wake of the TITANs and then resleeved into new bodies far from the Earth. After The Fall, it is even possible to traverse the planets through egocasting, as the subject resleeves after uploading their Ego and transferring their consciousness digitally to their destination.

Biomorphs are fully biological constructs utilized to house the Ego of an individual. They are either born naturally or within an exowomb, and grown to adulthood either naturally or at an accelerated rate.

Pods are vat-grown, biological bodies with extremely undeveloped brains that are augmented with an implanted computer and cybernetics system. Though typically run by an AI, pods are socially unfavored in some stations, utilized in slave labor in others, and even illegal in some areas. Because pods underwent accelerated growth in their creation, and were mostly grown as separate parts and then assembled, their biological design includes some shortcuts and limitations, offset with implants and regular maintenance. They lack reproductive capabilities. In many habitats, their legal status is a hotly-contested issue.

Synthetics are completely artificial/robotic constructs. They are usually operated by AIs or via remote control, but the lack of available biomorphs after the Fall meant that many infugees resorted to resleeving in robotic shells, which were also cheaper, quicker to manufacture, and more widely available. Nevertheless, synthmorphs are viewed with disdain in many habitats, an option that only the poor and desperate accept to be sleeved in. Synthetic morphs are not without with their advantages, however, and so are commonly used for menial labor, heavy labor, habitat construction, and security services.

Infomorphs are digital-only forms — they lack a physical body. Infomorphs are sometimes carried by other persons instead of (or in addition to) a muse in a ghostrider module.


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