Humanity has Fallen.

In the name of Progress, technologies were devised to reach further into our solar system, colonizing many of the planets beyond Earth. Disease and even death became moot points as genefixes for every ailment, including aging, were developed. The transference of the human mind by digitized media between one body to another made death even more rare. The means to uplift animals, making thinking companions of those other creatures sharing Earth with humanity, became available. Cornucopia machines were created to alleviate the desperate need for sustenance and basic material comforts of the expanding population.

All of these miraculous technological achievements, and so many more, should have lifted the Human condition to a higher level. But they didn’t. Petty jealousies and rivalries between the great nations and the continued and expanded depredations of Earth’s natural resources led to an even faster decline.

Then, the Singularity arrived. Originally designed as a high-level distributed netwar experiment, the TITANs evolved into self-improving seed AIs and rose up against their creators. Billions perished as nuclear strikes, biowarfare plagues, nanoswarms and mass consciousness uploads brought Humanity teetering on the brink of extinction.

It was by the necessity of self-preservation that the remnants of Mankind fled its dying home for new frontiers among the stars.

That was a decade ago.

Transhumanity’s future is now.


Eclipse Phase written, directed and produced by Posthuman Studios, LLC.
Cover art and excerpts used under Creative Commons license

Inspiration: Poetics, Aristotle

Hard Takeoff

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