Muses.png Muses are AIs that specialize as personal companions, always at a character’s virtual side ever since they were a child, their personal aide and companion. Muses tend to have a bit more personality and psychological programming than standard AIs and over time they build up an extensive database of their user’s preferences, likes and dislikes, and personality quirks so that they may more effectively be of service and anticipate needs. Muses generally have names and reside within the character’s mesh inserts or ecto, where they can manage the character’s personal area network, communications, data queries, and so on.

Muses are programmed to accept commands from authorized users. In some circumstances, they may also be programmed to follow the law or some ethical code. Programming is never perfect, however, and muses can be quite clever in how they interpret commands and act on them. In most cases, a muse will rarely refuse to follow a request or obey a command.

Given that they also usually have a duty to protect the person commanding them, muses may be reluctant to follow commands that could be construed as dangerous or having a negative impact on the user. Under certain circumstances, pre-programmed imperatives can force a muse to ignore or disobey their owner’s commands.

Depending on the user’s stance towards sentient programs, muses can be viewed as intelligent toys, followers, servants, slaves, friends, or pets. Most transhumans have also acquired a tendency to bond with a muse mentally due to its omnipresence and devotion to the user (like bonding to a child or puppy that then grows to be an adult). Therefore the subversion or even destruction of a muse personality is sometimes even equated with rape or murder.


  • Make Research Tests to find information for you.
  • Falsify or fluctuate your mesh ID.
  • Scan newsfeeds and mesh updates for keyword alerts.
  • Monitor your mesh inserts/ecto/PAN and slaved devices for intrusion.
  • Teleoperate and command robots.
  • Launch countermeasures against intruders.
  • Monitor your rep scores and alert you to drastic changes.
  • Automatically provide feedback for other people’s rep scores.
  • Run audio input through an online, real-time language translation system.
  • Put you in privacy mode and/or proactively stealth your wireless signal.
  • Track people for you.
  • Anticipate your needs and act accordingly, pre-empting your requests.



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